Celebrating 15 years...

*Ballet * Contemporary* 
* Hop * Lyrical * Jazz * Tap *
*Stetch,Turns&Leaps *
* Acro * Pointe * 
* Creative Movement *
* Baby Ballet *

Honored and humbled to be selected
to be part of Broadway Dance Center's
AIM Invitational on March 17-19.

Students above were selected to perform:
Pictured from left to right:
Alexa Garzon, Nicole Kusinko, Carlos Cardona, Caroline Poulis, Alyssa Colon

Congratulations to
Alexa Garzon & Carlos Cardona
Scholarship recipients to the Pulse Convention from BDC's Aim Invitational for their duet "Next to You"

Choreographed by Mr. Eric J. Campros

Congratulations to Carlos Cardona
Recipient of Technical Excellence Award

We attended National Dance Showcase Competition 
on March 4-5. Please click on the competition team link to the left to view our results.

Nicole Kusinko

Title holder for 2016-2017 
National Dance Showcase

"Sr. Miss NDS"

Congratulations to Miss Selena Hepburn

Choreography Awards from NDS

Jazz " Words" & Acro "Unravel"

Congratulations to Miss Geheny Rivera

      Impact Award from NDS

            Hip Hop "Vogue"

Congratulations Mr. Eric J. Campros

Choreography Award from NDS

Contemporary "Find Someone"

         Miss Mechelle Armbruster

         Invitation to Nationals

                  Tap "Madame"

"Fright Night"

Large Group Production - Platinum & 1st Overall

On December 11, our students participated in a "Nutcracker Sweet" Ballet workshop hosted by
Man In Motion at Pearl Studios, ...

Broadway group private class with the one and only
Sheila Barker!

Congratulations to this fabulous four below! Scholarship recipients at True Talent " Rock the City " intensive...

Nicole Kusinko, Carlos Cardona, Lucas Cardona & Alaina Sorce

You made the cut...
Brooklyn's All Star Kids  Dance Team
Performing On January 8, 2017

Soleil Feath, Leonela Rosario, Lucas Cardona & Kiara Reid


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